How It Works

(And why you'll love it)

The Mission:

To connect parents with reliable, on-demand childcare.

The Method:

We use technology to do exactly what you would otherwise do in a childcare emergency — first call your go-to nannies and sitters, and if none of them is available, call your friends and co-workers and ask for their best sitters and nannies.

Booking on Nanno works the same way.

When you book a caregiver, we will be sending the basic details of your booking to all nearby caregivers in the Nanno network who meet the criteria you set. You can choose to have it sent only to your favorite caregivers (those you invited or chose from the Caregiver Gallery), to caregivers trusted by your friends and members of groups you trust, and/or to anyone in the Nanno network who meets your criteria.

When the booking is broadcast, it will go in that order: first to your favorites, then to caregivers trusted by your friends, then your groups, and then, if it hasn’t been engaged, to the rest of the network.

The Money:

When you create a booking, you are asked to enter your credit card information. When the booking is engaged, we will authorize (but not charge) your credit card for an amount that is slightly higher than the total cost of the booking. Once the booking has finished (and we give both sides a chance to tell us if we need to make an adjustment for a booking that went a little longer than expected), we charge your card.

The Magic:

The more caregivers, friends and colleagues you invite to join Nanno, the stronger your network will be, and the more likely that you will be able to use Nanno to find a caregiver trusted by someone you trust. At the same time, ALL caregivers on the Nanno platform are vetted and background checked.

Still have questions?

Check out this FAQ