Meet the team!


Liz Oertle, our CEO and co-founder, is a lawyer by trade, and has worked as outside general counsel for companies of all shapes and sizes on everything from fundraising and project finance to negotiating complex strategic deals. Before becoming a lawyer, she spent her early career as a journalist and then a copy editor in the book publishing industry. Liz lives in Denver, Colorado with her two daughters, Helena (a/k/a Helena Handbasket), age 6, and Emma (a/k/a Spiderman), age 4, and a husband who, despite his Marine Corps training, never knew the meaning of “combat ready” until he packed his first diaper bag.


Desi McAdam, our CTO and co-founder, leads the development team, contributing 17 years of experience as a software developer and consultant building web and mobile applications. In 2005, she co-founded DevChix, an organization for women software developers that now has thousands of members across 17 different countries. Desi is a recognized leader in the industry as a developer and for building products in a sustainable and mature fashion. She has two daughters, Cady, age 11, an artist, craftsman and accomplished remote control lego car builder, and Aria, who is on schedule to make her first push to github before she turns 5. Her husband, a co-founder of a startup in the hotel space, dreams of using his connections in the hospitality industry to book an exotic family getaway sometime when the whole family is available at the same time -- which will probably happen around the same time coach seats become available on SpaceX flights.


Anthony Navarre is responsible for coding, maintaining, and improving the quality of Nanno's software. He works to assemble (and invent!) the nuts and bolts that make up Nanno's service architecture. Consulting, building software, launching websites and generally solving problems since 2001, Anthony has empowered tech and web startups from a variety of industries to craft and hone their first app, connect with their first customer, or embrace their first growth spurt. Over the last 5 years, he has also has had the great privelege to build software with teams from The North Face, Audi of America, Oakley, Realtor, Wonderful Union, and Callaway — in this capacity he has built all manner of back-office administrative tools, interactive customer-facing experiences, and all the sinewey bits in-between. When he's not pushing bits, Anthony can be found behind some canvas and acrylics or making a mess of his kitchen.


Devon St.Clair is a product designer who strives to be the bridge between business and user needs. Her overall goal is to create intuitive, helpful experiences that have a positive impact on people's lives. She has over 8 years of experience working with a range of clients, from Series A startups to Fortune 500 companies. Devon’s approach to building products includes iterative testing, user research, and making data-driven design decisions. When she’s not slinging code, Devon enjoys the world beyond her laptop screen and frequently finds herself playing soccer or hiking around the Denver area. She may or may not have a obsessive fondness for corgis and other awkwardly sized dogs.