Background Checks & Screening

The Nanno screening process is one of the toughest in the industry, ensuring our sitters are trustworthy, punctual, and experienced.
Parents will never sacrifice the safety of their children for the sake of their own convenience – nor should you ever have to. That’s why all sitters on our platform must pass our rigorous 4-step screening process.
1. Nanno application

The candidate fills out our online application and provides a profile and written bio, all of which come together to provide a rich picture of the candidate. All profiles are reviewed by our team, and we reserve the right to decline any candidate who doesn’t present themselves appropriately.

2. Background vetting

Our background vetting process is more than just a commercial background check. It has been carefully structured to determine not only whether the candidate has ever committed a crime – but, perhaps more importantly, whether they’re ever likely to, and includes:

  • National Criminal Search
  • County-level Criminal Search
  • 50-State Sex Offender Search
  • Social Security Number Trace
  • Global Watchlist Search
3. Skills test

All sitter candidates must pass our skills test, so we can be sure they know the basic first aid and safety rules for kids.

4. Behavioral profiling

The candidate is then given a behavioral profiling test based on applied psychology to detect any indication or tendency toward untrustworthy behavior.

Once a candidate has completed this process, they're invited to join our platform – but it doesn't stop there. We are notified on an ongoing basis of any changes in our sitters' records. If anything comes up, we suspend or remove the sitter from the platform.


Can I see sitter ratings and reviews?

Yes! With the new Nanno 2.0, you can see babysitter reviews and ratings from other parents.

Can Nanno sitters provide transportation for my kids?

Sure. While we don’t specifically vet sitters for driving (i.e. pull driving records or car insurance, check carseats, etc.), you are welcome to discuss those things directly with your sitter and make any arrangements that work for you.

What if I don’t like my sitter?

If you aren’t feeling great about the sitter you’re matched with, you can cancel anytime before the booking begins, and we’ll match you with a new one.

Are you insured?

Yes! All Nanno engagements are fully insured and bonded.