CDC Back to School Guidance, the Big Buzz on the Scripps Spelling Bee, and Don't Pee in the Pool

With the ides of July upon us, summer is in full swing. Picnics, pools, barbecues galore -- but you probably want to steer clear of the BBQ chicken, at least for now. Tyson recalled almost 9 million pounds of chicken this week, because of a massive listeria outbreak.

Looking toward the fall, the CDC has issued guidance for masks in schools: vaccinated kids can go maskless. (And in the meantime, says the CDC, don't pee in the pool.)

Meanwhile, 14-year-old Zaila Avant-garde made history as the first African American winner of the Scripps National Spelling Bee, and a St. Louis mom went viral on TikTok when she brought her toddler to a job interview (she got the job!).

Overheard on the Playground

“I believe in being completely open and honest and I hope they can learn from some of my mistakes — but more importantly, learn that no life is perfect, challenges give us tools and it’s learning from our mistakes that makes us stronger.”

-- Jessica Simpson

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It’s Not Your Job to Save Your Kids From Boredom :: Overscheduling them with extracurriculars or putting them in front of screens aren't the only choices. (The New York Times)

From the Kidlets Blog

Party Time! Should I Book a Babysitter (or Four) for My Summer Party? Securing a babysitter for a summer party should be at the top of every parent’s checklist. From themes to menus to activities, there is so much to consider when planning a party. But the number one concern at the heart of this summer party planning should be the care and safety of the kids attending. This is especially true of pool parties or beach parties, which can add another level of anxiety -- and require additional safety consideration. Once the issue of safety is taken care of, you can settle back and enjoy time with friends and colleagues on a beautiful summer’s day. (Read More)

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