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Even if you didn’t catch the VP debate this week, you probably know the highlights. The biggest takeaway in the parent-o-sphere? K. Harris’s eternal refrain: “I’m speaking,” which many mom bloggers are calling the most important takeaway for moms and women everywhere.

Who else is speaking? Barbie, and her friend Nikki, with perhaps the most succinct 3-minute discussion of racism to come out this year —  for kids or anyone else who may still not get it. Maybe even more interesting than the clip itself is the discussion accompanying its recent virality.

Read on for more fam-tastic fanciness from the week.

Overheard on the Playground

"My neighbor saw my toddler streaking through our yard and said, 'I had one of those and now she is CEO of a company. She may almost kill you but she’ll do great things in this world. Hang in there!'”



Watching with Friends :: If the pandemic has inspired you to fully embrace limitless screen time and online socialization, the new Disney+ watch party feature may add a new dimension. (Welcome to the tech-positive parenting movement.)


Parenting Then, And Now :: Families in the past depended on community support -- so how has it changed? Learn about the differences between parenting now vs the past.

The State Of Sleepovers :: Is it safe to have sleepovers nowadays? If rules are followed strictly and you stay observant, your kids can enjoy with their friends.


Crafting ABC’s :: Beans, magnets, or pipe cleaners? Choose from these and other materials and enjoy these easy-to-do alphabet crafts with your kids!

A Very Halloween Lamp :: Try out this science experiment that just happens to be a Halloween activity. Make your own Jack O’Lantern Lava lamp and be sure to have a few Alka Seltzer tablets ready!


The Cloud Inspector :: When you look at the clouds above, do you know their names? Learn about different types of clouds and factors that influence their shapes.

October Stargazing :: The month of October has had tons of cool stargazing opportunities for earthlings. Check out events that already have occurred, and what to expect throughout the month!

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