It's A Confusing Day In The Neighborhood

The big news this week was a peer-reviewed article in the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics that found that child care workers working with children ages 6 and under are not at increased risk of contracting COVID. Admittedly, the scope of the study was narrow in many ways, but the conclusion may still give some comfort to parents and caregivers alike.

In other news, everyone's talking about a 9-month pregnant woman who's gone viral for running a 5:25-minute mile, and the fact that Kim Kardashian is lined up to star in the next PAW Patrol movie.

Meanwhile, everyone seems to be virally confused about a Republican staffer's comparison of Joe Biden to Mister Rogers. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Nobody seems to be sure.

Well, in any case. Read on for more fam-tastic fanciness from the week.

Overheard on the Playground

"Kindergarten zoom gym class punctuated by a parent saying 'I'm just OVER IT' loudly over and over again and then 'Oh, are you unmuted?'"



Family Tracking App :: Launch 360 released an app that allows parents to track their kids with a location detection feature called “Bubbles”. Parents won’t be able to see exactly in the bubble where their kids are unless they step outside of the bubble on the map.


The Politics Of Parenting :: Parenting and politics are closely intertwined. Learn about how race and wealth impacts parenting and how the pandemic negatively affects underrepresented children.

Be Real, It’s Motherhood :: Forcing a smile usually doesn't work. You don’t have to feel like every moment should be cherished, we are human. Mom guilt won’t improve your ability to become a more empathetic parent.


Virtual Learning Lessons By Sesame Street :: Your kids can learn about how to cope with e-learning challenges with Ernie and Bert during this complex school year.

Fun Tag Ideas :: Try out the various tag ideas with this cool new printable! And don’t worry, the toilet tag idea doesn’t actually involve a toilet.


The Perfect Farm :: The future of food depends on our technology and human ingenuity. Watch these informative videos about creative steps being taken to improve our farming, and fun facts about systems that already exist.

The Lost Amber Room :: Artifacts from World War 2 were found off the coast of Poland and contain a legendary Russian Amber Room, a 590-square-foot room made entirely from amber and embellished with jewels and gold leaves.

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