Should I Take My Babysitter or Nanny on My Family Vacation?

Have you ever returned home from a family vacation feeling like you need a holiday just to recover from your trip? Family holidays are a great time to spend with your kids without having to worry about work or school obligations, but the many child care responsibilities that demand your attention can make your time away feel like a working vacation. This is where summer babysitting arrangements, whether at home or on vacation, can make a huge difference.

Having some helping hands to assist with feeding, activities, and coordinating everyone can be a great solution to ensure you and your kids get the break you need. As appealing as it sounds, there are also a few considerations that can make summer babysitting slightly challenging. We’ve outlined everything you need to consider when deciding whether or not to take your nanny on your family holiday.

Benefits and Challenges of Bringing Babysitters and Nannies on Your Family Holiday


Having a babysitter or nanny on vacation with you can hugely lighten your load of daily child care duties. Not only can they serve as an extra pair of eyes to watch over your kids during complicated travel itineraries and busy public settings, but having them around allows you to focus on family fun rather than being stressed and distracted by logistics and chores.

In addition to family time, this may be one of the rare chances you have for some actual “me time.” Having your nanny around to take the kids off your hands safely allows you to enjoy some spa pampering or go out on a date night with your partner.

The flexibility provided by hiring someone to provide summer babysitting can be invaluable, especially during emergencies, illness, or if your child is in a more difficult developmental phase.

You might be able to explore more of your destination with the extra help, and won’t have to cancel plans if a family member gets sick. Your nanny will be able to stay at the hotel, apartment, or resort to take care of kids if needed, or can take the kids out if you are the one feeling ill.

Families dealing with the extra tasks related to special needs children can especially benefit from having a trained and trusted babysitter on holiday with them, even if it is just for a few hours daily.


If you have a comfortable relationship with your babysitter or nanny, there should not be problems with having them onboard on your vacation, as long as expectations are clearly laid out beforehand.

You will need to consider the expense of one additional person’s flights, accommodation, and meals. If your nanny is joining to take care of the children, it is not a holiday for them, it is a work trip. That means that all their expenses should be covered as with any other type of work travel.

Besides expenses, you need to consider whether having the extra person along will feel intrusive to your family holiday. Having a nanny in your family space for an entire vacation is somewhat different from having them for only a few hours per week in your home.

Tips for Bringing Babysitters and Nannies on Vacation

The most important thing to consider when planning your vacation and interviewing candidates for summer babysitting is how to make sure you and your nanny are on the same page before the trip even starts -- that you both agree to and fully understand all the terms of the engagement.

Draw up a separate travel babysitting contract in writing stipulating the nanny’s expected work hours, duties, and compensation. As a work trip for the babysitter, you will need to define covered expenses including food, lodging, travel, insurance, entrance fees to parks or museums, and sightseeing expenses. Expenses should be covered in addition to their regular hourly and overtime payment. Traveling is not a replacement for their wages. Any hours worked over 40 during the week should be paid overtime. Confirm expected work hours beforehand and make sure your nanny does get some downtime to do as they please.

When planning accommodation there are a few options. Having your babysitter or nanny share a room with the children is least ideal since there will be no privacy for you to have that space available with your kids, and your nanny most likely won’t go to bed at the same time as the children. Offer your nanny their own room or quarters so that they can also recuperate after busy days and have some privacy.

If you have small children and require your nanny to be close by at night, you can get interlinking rooms that provide privacy or access as needed. Your babysitter or nanny should know before agreeing to come on the trip what the accommodation scenario will be and whether they will be expected to get up at night for the kids.

An Alternative to Full-Time Vacation Child Care

If you think having full-time help throughout your vacation will be too intrusive but you still want help, consider finding a babysitting app or nanny agency that can provide help only when you want or need it. Not only will you save a lot on travel and accommodation expenses, but you have someone on hand who knows the area, is familiar with all the child-friendly attractions, and can help with local travel logistics. This way you can have exclusive family time when the nanny goes home so it may feel less intrusive since you will only have the babysitter or nanny when you need them.

If you opt for a local babysitter or nanny at your vacation destination, keep in mind that it will be a stranger looking after your children and that you should only use an agency or babysitting app that conducts thorough background checks and has a robust vetting process.

Regardless of which option you choose, babysitters and nannies must be prepared with activities, emergency numbers, and should be flexible with a quick problem-solving attitude.

On-demand babysitting apps such as Nanno allow you to find babysitters in a specific area that have already gone through a rigorous screening process. By using the app to find a sitter in your holiday locality you can have peace of mind that the candidate’s skill sets and babysitting qualifications have been verified and they have been vetted in terms of behavioral aspects, trustworthiness, punctuality, and relevant experience.

One-Stop Vacation Babysitting Solution

With apps like Nanno it is possible to have the best of both worlds on your next family vacation. Enjoy one-on-one time with your kids while being able to call on a local babysitter when needed to help with vacation babysitting and childcare chores. Most importantly, Nanno gives you peace of mind that the person you hire to help with summer babysitting is trustworthy. Find out how it works and don’t delay before booking your babysitter to ensure you get the best candidate to meet your family holiday babysitting needs.

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