Nanno Guarantee

We pride ourselves on connecting you with only the best sitters, and we stand by that. That’s why we created the Nanno Guarantee.
Protecting you against cancellations

The sitters on our platform are not our employees, but that doesn’t mean that we don't take full responsibility for a no-show. To ensure you get the optimum experience, we will:

  • Find and book in a suitable alternative should your original Nanno sitter cancel
  • Give you a $50 gift card should your sitter not show up (which very rarely happens!)
Ensuring quality sitters every time

We have strict quality-control measures in place to ensure all of our sitters have 100% positive reviews from parents. Saying that, if you do have a negative experience we will:

  • Investigate the situation to determine whether the issue was based on fit, or something more serious
  • Permanently remove at-fault sitters from our platform
  • Give you a 100% refund and 50% discount on your next booking


What if my sitter doesn’t show up?

We do a lot of work to make sure this doesn’t happen -- including check-ins with sitters leading up to their booking, etc. But if it DOES happen, our team will do everything in our power to find a replacement sitter ASAP. (We take reliability very seriously!)

What if I don’t like my sitter?

If you aren’t feeling great about the sitter you’re matched with, you can cancel anytime before the booking begins, and we’ll match you with a new one.

Can I cancel my sitter?

Of course! You can cancel for free up to 24 hours in advance of your booking (or within 15 minutes after your booking is confirmed, for same-day bookings). If you cancel outside of those times, a cancellation fee applies.

Can Nanno sitters provide transportation for my kids?

Sure. While we don’t specifically vet sitters for driving (i.e. pull driving records or car insurance, check carseats, etc.), you are welcome to discuss those things directly with your sitter and make any arrangements that work for you.