Our Story

Nanno was founded by Liz Oertle and Desi McAdam, two professional problem solvers out to solve the biggest problem of their careers: child care.

In 2016, Liz Oertle was a startup lawyer and mother of two. She’d risen through the ranks of her corporate law firm, only to find herself mommy-tracked when she had kids – not because her family obligations made her less reliable, but because of the possibility that one day they might. So Liz had struck out on her own and built a thriving solo practice helping startups get the legal counsel they needed at a price they could afford. But she couldn’t shake the deep conviction that the lack of readily available childcare would continue to jeopardize the success of other women like her – and that the problem could easily be solved by modern on-demand technology.

Meanwhile, precisely two blocks away lived another busy mom and professional problem-solver, Desi McAdam. Desi was a software engineer and director of a software consultancy, where she specialized in building innovative technology solutions for her clients. After decades of building products to actualize other founders’ visions, Desi longed to build a product of her own, to solve a real-world problem she deeply believed needed to be solved. Desi was also a mother of two.

Then one afternoon, Desi and Liz met, on a street corner in their neighborhood in downtown Denver, while walking their kids to school. They started talking about an idea Liz had for a coworking space and café, with drop-in childcare available on-site. When they got to talking about how to manage the number of caregivers needed on-site to serve a drop-in clientele, the conversation turned to the idea of building technology to reach out to available caregivers on an as-needed basis. If they had that technology, they thought, why couldn’t they make it available to all parents to book sitters in their own homes, or wherever they might need care?

A week later, they’d sketched out the rough outline of what would become the Nanno platform.

A year later, they launched the beta version of Nanno, and had their first parent user within a week. By 2019, Nanno had thousands of caregivers and parent users in almost every U.S. state.  Nanno is founded on the premise that at any given moment there are a half dozen high-quality caregivers – some of whom you may even know – within a stone’s throw from the epicenter of your latest childcare fail, ready and willing to save the day.

From there, Nanno has grown to serve other childcare needs for parents, enabling them to book after-school sitters, sitters for events, and sitters while traveling.

As Nanno continues to grow, Liz and Desi are constantly learning of new problems faced by parents and building new ways to solve them, never losing sight of the fact that quality care is more important than anything else. Finding excellent childcare doesn't need to be so hard. And now, with Nanno, it isn't.

Welcome to the child care revolution!